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  • Looking for that one of a kind print to add to your collection?
  • What about an original that you know will do nothing but gain in value?
  • Anything here that you want on a piece of clothing?

It's all available and it's all right here in the Galleries. 

Different galleries will go up every so often with new work and themes. Also, Allen will do an Original piece of art never before available anywhere every other month or so! 

If you have a piece you want to commission Allen to do, he can do that also. Just get hold of him and let him know what you want!

Look through the artwork, and see what you want, and let us know!


GALLERY 1 (Cthulhu Series)

GALLERY 2 (Halloween Series)

GALLERY 3 (Sci-Fi and Horror Series)

GALLERY 4 (Movie and Horror Series)

GALLERY 5 (Borders and Horror Series)

GALLERY 6 (Horror Series)

GALLERY 7 (Horror Series)

GALLERY 8 (Horror Series)

Past Auction Pieces: